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Weezer - Weezer (The Green Album)

After having received great feedback concerning this new category (I mean, one person had something to say, that's, let me guess, one more than usually), today the next review.

This time not as classic and not as popular, but nevertheless - awesome.

I am talking about Weezer's 2001 album "Weezer" a.k.a. the Green Album. Now, if you don't know what I'm talking 'bout or have never in your lifetime heard of Weezer, just check Wikipedia or something, do I really have to give you a link? Ah, fuck it, here we go. Lazy-ass motherfuckers.

Just kidding.

Weezer's musical style is not that easy to describe. I always hate (like I mentioned way before in one of my first articles here) the description along the lines of "[...] is the perfect mix of [fill in at least three completely different musical styles to show the over-the-top skills of the particular band, artist, or singer]!"

Yet, I'd say that Weezer's music is a mixture of Garage Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock; still, I'd never mention the word "Emo" like some do, I just cannot find any trace of whining and too depressive songs on their albums.

Weezer's sound is made distinctive by the heavily distorted guitars that, although they are really cranked up, somehow manage to perfectly fit into the often sweet melodies of the songs.

Rivers Cuomo, the band leader and main songwriter, also has a quite unique voice, 'though I couldn't describe what's so damn unique about it even if you held a gun on my forehead and yell in my ears.

What you will hopefully won't do, or else I'm really fucked.

Now, the Green Album - wait, you wanna know why it's called "green"? Why the hell not black or white, some folks already did that. So, here's the reason, smartasses.

Told ya.

Whatever, I also can't compare Weezer as a whole to another band. Thus, logically, I ain't gonna try, just to sound witty or something. Ah, it's too late in the evening, so would you please not mind the use of strong language and the casual insults? Yeah, thanks.

Back to the music. As I already said, the guitars are really distorted. The bass is nice and justs fits the whole thing, although it plays the guitar line most of the time. But what the hell, why complicated, if easy's the, well, easiest way? Drums also not very special. Cuomo's lyrics often (not to say always) seem naive and not very deep.

If you'd only read that, you couldn't say much good about the band, and right now, I am thinking about how to convey you, dear reader, the fact, that in fact the band is special.

It's just that the lyrics only seem naive, but in their uncomplicated openness they dig deep. Cuomo does not try to hide his statements in mazelike syntaxes filled with words you just can't fuckin' make any sense of. You understand him, and that's deep.

"Island In The Sun" has to be the one track that stands out in some ways. Starting with sweet acoustic guitars, the song actually succeeds in creating the feeling of lying at a beach and watching the sunset. Quite cheesy, you could argue, and certainly, somehow it is. But the great thing is - you just do not care. And even when the obligatory distortion guitars kick in it feels just like your trying to convince somebody of the beauty of this particular beach and are underlying your statement with the help of the old getting-a-little-loud-in-discussion. Ah, I'm wandering from the subject. Great song, as a small conclusion. And the video is great. No, this time, your allowed to go to Youtube yourself. Gotta come to an end. I'm tired.

The best known track is "Hash Pipe". Distinctive riff and a singing voice that's really hard to imitate (I tried). Nice song, with a little "Me against the world"-attitude.

Then there's "O Girlfriend". Usually I'm not the fan of emotional songs (emotional, I said, don't mix it up with "Emo" [It's never gonna stop and in a future not far, far away, I am going to freak the fuck out - Part X], but this one's great because it's simple. That's it. No exaggerated lyrics (I still love you, Jim Steinman) and no priggish look-at-me-how-I-switch-those-oktaves chanting.

"Photograph" got a nice little sing-along chorus and is made danceable with its hand-clapping and "Oh baby"s in the background.

The opener "Don't Let Go" (yeah, I am tottering through the tracklist like world's number one drunkard) is a little up-tempo, probably to get you in the mood for the simple but amazing songs that follow.

"Crab"'s a little more serious, slower, with a wah-wah lead guitar and not that pop-like. Still good, if you're feeling like listening to that kind of song.

One of my favourites is "Knock-down Drag-out". I can't describe what I like about it, the singable words, the happy tune that's not taking everything too serious, the simple solo that's just repeating the chorus... I'm giving up on trying to describe. Of course I assume that you will instantly buy the albums I review to listen yourself, disagree with me and verbally abuse me on this page. That would be at least feedback. But, as a wise man once wrote "Assume makes an ass out of you and me" (go figure), so fuck it.

"Smile" is a down-tempo, thoughtful song that manages to fit in those damn distorted guitats perfectly. I mean, it's a sad song, how do these guys make it?

"Simple Pages" and "Glorious Day" are both typical songs, sweet melodies, simple words, good feeling. Just my feeling's that I gotta go get some sleep, so no exaggerated reviewing anymore.

There's one bonus track (at least in my edition) called "I Do". Just about a minute long, it features a heartbreaking guitar, keys in the background and Cuomo's sad voice, and nothing else. Just - great. I'm again running out of words.

To conclude the whole thing, I will mention things that I didn't like about the album: It's too short (not much more than half an hour). The songs are overall short and that's okay, but there could have been some more. Still, I don't want them to parodize themselves, so again, that's alright. I'm running in circles.

The rating, please.

8,5 / 10

Good night, and let me thank you for your attention for this tiredness-ridden aweful piece of writing ("Hey, a little review, the album's short, the review's short, isn't it? Shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes..." - If you ever hear a voice like that in your head, don't fucking believe it but suffocate it with your mind and go the hell to bed).

Over and out.

Spelling mistakes will be fixed later, I'm seriously too tired. If you notice any mistake, shove it up your ass. Sorry for my language and insults. I'm just brainfucked.


4.12.08 22:58

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