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Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

So, as I am running out of ideas what to write, I thought I'd combine three of my favourite hobbies for your reading pleasure: Speaking english, listening to music and criticizing things. The result is my enjoyable new category of "Classic CD Reviews in English".

To start off and not ask too much of anybody (including myself), I have decided to present you a fine little review of Guns N' Roses' 1987 debut album "Appetite For Destruction". Easy to review because of sheer greatness.

To get you a bit in the mood and show what G N' R were all about those days, I'll show you the planned and the final cover of this album.

Of course, the first version was considered too controversial for the typical 80's mainstream music purchaser (I mean, hey, there are titties and inherent violence) and eventually the record was released with the second version of the cover.

Yet, the music is beyond any doubt. W. Axl Rose is authentic in convincing the listener that all of their image is true and nothing but true, lyrically covering issues as sex, sluts, alcohol, sex, sex and drugs. Mainly.

To a time where rock was domintated by Pop Metal acts such as Bon Jovi and Motley Crüe, Guns N' Roses had a totally different approach as the apex of Anything That's Rock N' Roll.

With stories of massive drug and alcohol abuse and sexual excesses, G N' R created and aura of a dirty but great backyard Rock bar personized into those five guys.

The mixture of Sleaze Rock and Heavy Metal right pierces into the listener's ears, instantly convincing of the band's great musical skills.

Rose's voice can sound either like a rusting iron chain (as heard in "Out Ta Get Me" [FUCK THIS SHIT: Part VIII] as well as mild and empathetic ("Sweet Child O' Mine" [Seriously, is that necessary? Part IX]. Slash's over-the-top lead guitar adds that sleazy, bluesy feeling to all of their riffs and solos, perfectly combined with Izzy Stradlin's tight rhythm guitar. The rhythms are pushed forward by Duff McKagan's crunchy bass and Steven Ader's not too importunate drums.

For an opener like "Welcome To The Jungle" every band would sell their souls. I would. Those cynical lines are just too great, not to speak of the music itself.

"It's So Easy" again manages to describe Roses sexual obsessions with a tongue in the cheek, yet believeable (You get nothing for nothing / And that's whatcha do / Turn around, bitch, I got a use for you / Besides, you ain't got nothin' better to do / And I'm bored).

"Nightrain"'s bluesy riffs and all-too-clear words make you feel like you are personally attending one of the band's trips to a galaxy far, far away.

"Out Ta Get Me" describes a life on the run that's still some sort of exciting in a positive way, underlaid with quite a catchy starting riff and distinctive lead guitars.

"Mr Brownstone" shows an episode of the band touring (The show usually starts around seven / We go on stage around nine / Get on the bus about eleven / Sippin' a drink and feelin' fine) combined with the fact that Rose notices how drugs fuck them up - and doesn't care. Again, cool riffs and hooks (what else can I say?).

Now, my personal highlight on this overall great record, "Paradise City". Whoever has not heard this song once, I strongly recommend, what do I say, urge you to do. You'll understand.

"My Michelle" deals with the life of a teenage drug abusing whore. Nice topic. Acidlike cynical words with a up-tempo lovesong-like chorus.

"Think About You" now actually is a love song, at least kind of. Not quite typical is the high tempo and rather aggressive riffing, but the lyrics are quite clear.

One of the most popular songs of this album and of Guns N' Roses overall has to be "Sweet Child O' Mine". Featuring Slash's one-in-a-million intro hook and Axl Rose actually being thoughtful and loving, this song is not classical Guns N' Roses but yet very beatiful.

Any romantic mood that the song before could possibly have built up is soon destroyed by "You're Crazy"'s very fast pace and words about, hm, let's face it, Rose allegedly having enough of his lover's fucked up craving for sex.

"Anything Goes" faces a totally different lyrical topic. This time it is sex. Surprisingly. Deeply blues-rooted riffing adds a wicked mood to the whole thing, supported by a talk box-effect in the background.

"Rocket Queen", uhm, sex with a almost alibi-like mentioning of something like love (at the very end of the song) in otherwise clear (very clear) words (I've got a tongue like a razor / A sweet switchblade knife) and a lot of female moaning in the background. Musically rather weak in my opinion. Maybe that's the reason why it's the last song on this CD (originally of course LP).

To conclude this thing, I will present you my very neutral and  incredibly objective rating, which is:

9 / 10

By mentioning that I will only rate albums that I like, I can warn you: Get used to ratings like that.

Although I will also rate any album that you want me to. But then expect to see lower numbers.

Oh, and I'm serious about that suggestion thing,  just drop me a line and I'll take care of all your musical review needs - in english.




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fb (3.12.08 16:40)
well, let's see...

I thought about something funny, something funny and... ehm... something funny. So would you be so kind and rate my first JBO album(and my first music album at all)? The pink one, named "loud" eeh.. "laut!", sry. Would be a pleasure to award it to you, when you don't get it on the internet... Hmm, you will definitely get it on the web, except of the booklet maybe, so better borrow it, the booklet has some nice passages and you directly get the lyrics.

Looking forward to the primitive german quotes in your classy english text.

KimZ (3.12.08 18:12)
You're quite predictable, my friend, but nevertheless I will certainy fulfill your wishes...

fb (3.12.08 21:21)
when you've done that review you can rate Thunderdome Vol.16, Futuretrance Vol. 2 and Bravo Chart's-Hit's Vol. 1-156

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