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JBO - Laut

I finally find the oppurtunity to write a review on request.

Subject is J.B.O.'s 1997 album "Laut". Interesting thing to write an English review of a German album. 

J.B.O. is a so-called "Fun Metal"-band. Their style is to cover popular songs throughout every imaginable genre, distort the lyrics and play the song in typical metal, of course with German lyrics, or write funny songs themselves.

I saw them two years ago at the W:O:A festival and although I didn't know many songs, I still laughed my ass off - they're really hilarious live. Yet, a record is something different, and I now want to see if they have been able to capture their comedy on a CD.

Business as usual, for your viewing pleasure, here's the record cover.

The first song is called "Bolle", which is the song's protagonist's name (Woo, at least in English I can throw around those apostrophes). Bolle is subject to a whole lotta bad luck, his car is wrecked, he missed the right house for the party, his legs get amputated, but nevertheless he keeps a good mood. Together with the music itself, a Kinderlied played in Metal style, this opener is really funny.

"Wir Sind Die Champignons" is commented by the band as following: "Millionen Menschen sind schon auf den Gag gekommen. Doch nur wir sind so blöd, das auch noch aufzunehmen." Which sums up the whole thing quite exactly. It's Queen's "We Are The Champions" with lyrics about mushrooms. Funny, but maybe too long - you get the joke with the first chorus.

"Hose Runter" has a Volksmusik-melody (still, hard guitars and drums) and sung with a fake Bavarian accent. Topic is: Instead of fighting or discussing, a man's way to solve a problem is comparing your dick to your opponent's. Again: Hilarous because of the crude mixture of music, lyrics and melody.

"Drogen (Teil 1) starts with a spoken dialogue. Topic is the question: Do rockstars consume more drugs than the average man? A song by "Alexander Peter" has to play the proof that it's true. Cheap warehouse keyboards and echoing voices are the proof. Not that funny in my opinion (Yeah, I am not considering the songs "good" or "bad", those would be the wrong categories for this kind of album).

"Ein Bißchen Frieden" mocks the only song that Germany's ever won the Grandprix de la Chanson or whatever it is called with in Rammstein-style. Ultra-distorted guitars against sweet keyboard melodies... with the original words. Nice one.

"Liebe Ist Süß" starts with sweet acoustic guitars, only to be interrupted by Death Thrash Whatever Grindcore - with a following appeal by some studio tech to excuse that terrible mistake. Then the ballad starts again - it's a parody on the song of the well-known sweets ads. Then hard guitars break in with the guitarist asking how long the singer will stand singing brainless kitsch. The two take turns until they come to the conclusion: Love sucks.

"Die Scheiße" defends swearing words; they always get discriminated by using their names in moments of anger or rage. Bizarre lyrics, very funny.

"Pabbarotti & Friends: Roots Bloody Roots" might be the craziest mash-up I've ever heard. It's Sepultura's Metal classic with - "classical" singing. Weirdly compatible.

"Der Star Track" describes how JBO want to spend their lives on the "Enterprise". Funny words about how they get their beer, party and music transferred to the starship. Strange keyboard sounds try to resemble "space music".

"Ein Guter Tag Zum Sterben" describes the fucked up life of a man whose bad luck goes as far as it doesn't allow him to die. Quite a classic, I'd say.

"Drogen? (Teil 2)": I don't fucking get it.

The next one's "Angie". Yeah, The Stones' Angie. Exaggerated sobbing and whining is the only thing that differs from the original, and that's not funny enough for a good rating.

"Medtl-Gschdanzl '97" is a waltz in Metal that sums up "important" happenings since JBO's first album, again with Bavarian accent. I slowly get the impression that JBO is best when they write the songs themselves.

"Drogen? (Teil 3)" makes fun of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" as a a-cappella in German - which this time is actually funny 'cause of the meaning of "it": Drugs; JBO claim that TS is abstinent.

The last song is "Ein Fest", a cover of the Pet Shop Boys' "Go West". In Metal, in German, as usual, lyrics about a party (who would've thought).

Well, this one is really hard to rate. All in all this album is really funny, if you dig that kind of humor. It's self-ironic and doesn't take itself too serious (synonyms? whatever). Musically there are no highlights. I just do not know how to rate. Do I have to? Hm, yeah, I started rating the others, so it seems that I have to. Um,

6.5 / 10

is the deal. Better rating if you play it on a party, worse rating if you listen to it yourself, as it loses its funny sides as soon as you've listened to it two times or something.

Here you go, Flo.



14.12.08 18:58

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ak (14.12.08 23:34)
Meinst du nicht, dass du das vielleicht n bissel zu oberflächlich abgehandelt hast ? Einfach ne Inhaltsangabe zu jedem Lied mit den Kommentaren " funny " " not funny ".

KimZ (15.12.08 12:10)
Das stimmt schon, aber meinst du nicht auch, dass das auch ein ziemlich oberflächliches Album ist? Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht, was ich noch weiter dazu schreiben soll.

fb (15.12.08 18:26)
naja zB die medienkritik im Star Track!!!!!!


ich (21.12.08 17:56)
hey... die jungs kommen aus erlangen... es sind bayern! also nix gefakter dialekt.
und ja, es gibt kritik.
atomkritik in wir sind die champignons
und das mit den drogen... ebenso kritik in doppelter hinsicht...
solltest das also noch mal überarbeiten.

KimZ (22.12.08 13:04)
Gut, ich wusste nicht, dass sie tatsächlich aus Bayern kommen, aber nichtdestotrotz ist der Akzent übertrieben; von gefakt habe ich nichts gesagt, soweit ich mich erinnere. Und ich weigere mich, die Sache ernstzunehmende Kritik zu nennen, das sind eher augenzwinkernde Seitenhiebe.

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